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Wasserman, Comden & Casselman, L.L.P. is investigating complaints with the model year 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban, and Chevrolet Avalanche:

  • On some vehicles equipped with the Navigation System, consumers complain that they were overcharged for the Bose® Sound System. In the sales brochures for the Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche, Chevrolet states that the Bose® Sound System is included with Navigation Radio. Some buyers, however, were charged for both the Navigation Radio and the Bose Sound System.
  • Chevrolet advertised that the Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche vehicles are equipped with a delayed locking feature operated from the remote keyless transmitters which the trucks do not have.
  • Chevrolet advertised the Bose® Audio System as coming with Digital Signal Processing and Surround Sound features, which the Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche do not have.
  • Chevrolet also advertised the Navigation radio as having a clock on the display screen, however some consumers have stated that the clock disappears and is not always visible.
  • Consumers have also stated that the outside rear view mirrors on the Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche vehicles vibrate during operation, blurring the view in the mirrors, making them unsafe and useable.

Wasserman, Comden and Casselman, L.L.P. has filed a class action lawsuit in a California Court on behalf of owners of 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche vehicles. The lawsuit seeks refunds for consumers who paid for the Bose® Sound System in addition to the Navigation Radio, reimbursement for the value of the delayed locking feature which was not installed on the vehicles, reimbursement for the value of the Digital Signal Processing and Surround Sound features which are not present on the vehicles, repair of the malfunctioning clock, and repair of the defective rear view mirrors.

If you have experienced any of these problems, or any other problems you would like us to know about, please complete the form below. We may contact you for more information about your Chevrolet Truck.

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